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Points on Health Risk to Fire Fighters

Firefighting is a profession whereby the fighters have dedicated their lives to saving people in time of need such as accidents. It is important for you to know that when it comes to firefighters, their job does expose them to lots of dangers which eventually do affect their health a lot.

The dangerous nature of the job can cause them to face serious PTSD. It is very important for firefighters to be educated about mental health. What people don’t know is that one incident can change a Fighter’s life forever and they do get mentally affected. Firefighters usually face a lot of pressure that comes with the job because of its demanding nature. When someone is under stress this usually affects your mental state, and it also does affect your physical health. Apart from the demanding nature of the job firefighters tend to experience intergroup conflict or viral conflicts. People tend to ignore when they are under stress but what they don’t know is that this condition does lead to depression in this can be a very dangerous State in someone’s life. Depression has adverse effects which includes suicide; therefore, it is important for you to know that stress can lead to habits that are dangerous to firefighter like taking high risks during a job.

A high number of firefighters die each year due to heart attacks and the numbers are truly worrying. It is really depressing when you check how many firefighters have died from Heart Attack, research shows that almost 45% of the deaths of Fighters are caused by this condition. It is quite unfortunate because most of these attacks cannot be prevented because they do find themselves exposed to carbon monoxide when trying to bring down fire. Firefighters are also advised to stay away from the smoking habits because this also does increase the chances of them suffering from this condition. It is also important for firefighters to ensure that they keep fit because if they are overweight they are likely to suffer from a heart attack.

So many firefighters do suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, and a good example is lung problems, and if an asthma. It can affect even the most experienced firefighter, when fighting fire are exposed to many respiratory risks which cause major problems to the lungs. If they smoke does not contain toxic substances this also does affect their health in So Many Ways.

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