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Reasons to Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are as effective in cleaning your home as the commercial cleaning products that you’re used to, plus these products are easier on the environment and the health of your family.

Cleaning is an essential part of just about any household, in order to keep it safe and beautiful. Various contaminants, dust, and allergens will have little no room to build up with the help of constant cleaning, of course, the house also retains its aesthetics. Majority of the commercial house cleaning products that you regularly purchase may do more harm than good especially with continuous use.

Studies show that the majority of cleaning products on stores and supermarkets today can cause some form of respiratory, eye and skin irritation because of the synthetic ingredients used in making them. Health experts warn that commercial cleaning products in concentrated forms are hazardous so they create disposal, handling and storage issues for users and the environment.

You’ll contribute to a healthier environment and better home by opting for cleaning products that feature safer, cleaner and more effective ingredients. Here are the reasons why you should definitely go natural:

Natural Cleaning Products are Good for Mother Nature

Alkylphenol ethoxylates are just one of the many kinds of dangerous chemicals found in commercial cleaners and they cause damage to the environment. Cleaning products that use less packaging, low in life-cycle energy consumption, biodegradable and low in toxicity are a better alternative.

There are Fewer Allergens in Natural Cleaning Products

Ever experience an annoying sneezing fit right after cleaning a toilet with the help of bleach or spraying disinfectant somewhere? A lot of the cleaning products contain irritants and allergens, as well as synthetic fragrances and chemicals. The common ingredients found in cleaners, like chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde cause irritation on the sinus or respiratory system when exposed.

These irritating or dangerous chemicals are usually avoided by manufacturers of natural cleaning materials. Cleaning products that are natural typically do not include ingredients like ammonia, dyes, SLS, caustics, SLES, animal by-products, sulfates, chlorine, phosphates, petrochemicals, and petroleum-based ingredients.

Natural Cleaning Products Don’t Make Use of Animal Testing

Eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free are what natural product companies aim for; so testing on animals will defeat their purpose. Many manufacturers of cleaners are slowly switching to cruelty-free process, saying no to animal testing.

Those with Sensitive Skin Should go for Natural Cleaning Products Since it’s Kinder on Sensitive Skin

Consistent exposure to certain ingredients in daily cleaning products will definitely lead to skin irritation among other concerns. In contrast, natural cleaning products include ingredients line botanicals, essential oils, plant-based minerals, natural fragrances and vitamins which are far kinder on the skin since they were extracted from natural sources.

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