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Five Steps to Genuine Wellness

Wellness is the supreme state of wholeness attainable by a human being. Although proper nutrition and sufficient exercise are crucial parts of wellness, they are just two of the five pillars that make up holistic wellness.


Physical wellness has multiple smaller components, from blood pressure, to skeletal structure to stamina and more. Physical exams done annually at a doctor’s office allow monitoring and regulation of the said wellness factors. On top of that, ?a patient may be advised to see a specialist too, such as a cardiologist or a nephrologist, should the situation warrant a referral.


Emotional wellness is being able to control and compartmentalize one’s emotions. Emotional self-regulation is how the person identifies and controls how he feels towards situations and life in general. It also helps identify triggers that lead to emotional distress. In the same manner, compartmentalization is a psychological dynamic that lets the person detach himself from usually damaging emotions – for instance, when a person is in the middle of a traumatic experience or reeling from its effects.


Socialization is innate to humans. In short, people will reach out to one another as a need. We all crave a sense of belonging. Engaging in positive social interactions make us feel rewarded with that belongingness. This simple positive reinforcement is also the factor behind toxic relationships being hazardous to health, and why people who have good friendships and social networks live happier and longer lives. Therefore, it is logical to assume that strong, healthy social ties is critical to achieving total wellness.


Spiritual wellness can means many different things to a person, depending on his religious or even cultural background. In any case, it is important to nurture one’s personality by devoting time to it on a regular basis. It is a way of achieving a sense of being grounded.


Finally, a person’s mental state is as dynamic as his physical state. For a lot of people, the need for intellectual stimulation and thought-provoking interaction is as important as good nutrition. They are simply unfulfilled without. Learning can be a crucial aspect of life. Reading books or journals, listening to classical music, writing essays and all that – we become exposed to different ways of perceiving the world, especially those that run against what we’ve always believed, and it helps us grow. There is probably no more stimulating type of engagement than that which is cognitive.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for complete wellness, and unless we improve ourselves in each of the above-mentioned aspects, it can never be achievable for us. There will lots of temptations to veer us away from our goal, but discipline is critical.

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